Monday, February 1, 2010

No-Fi: A Live Documentation of New Orleans Surf, Punk, and Garage

As a record collector I often tell people that surf didn't really hit New Orleans. That's not entirely true, but like everything else in this city, it happened way later. The Royal Pendletons are probably are longest lasting name to spring out of that (though more of a garage band than a surf band), but this compilation is a great example of a bunch of other bands that, aside from my beloved Famous Monsters, I probably wouldn't have known existed otherwise (I was in middle school or so).

Since then there have been other instro bands: off the top of my head there's currently the Bills, Unnaturals, and before those Spring Break Shark Attack (from Baton Rouge), Paradise Vendors sorta, and (soon to be reformed) The Sophisticats.

Backside for tracklisting:

And the benefit of ripping a copy from your radio station: Reviewer notes

And here ya go


Brandonio! said...

The Persuaders had King Louie from the Royal Pendletons on vocals I do believe.
Yeah I think I'll have to test this slab-o wax out!

Anonymous said...

Art (from the Ramparts and the Darkest Hours) is living in NYC now and making music videos for indie bands.

Check out a few of his videos below: