Monday, January 5, 2009

Jack Hammer - Girl, Girl, Girl / Chant of Love

While excitedly digging through my new crate of 45s on the way back home to listen to them, one 45 stuck out to me the most:

You see, a friend had introduced me to the song "The Wiggle", which he had found off the now out-of-print-and-highly-downloadable-upon-googling "Las Vegas Grind" compilations. I was stupid in love with that song, it was my cellphone ring and I tried to shove it on everybody I encountered, most of whom just kind of looked at me funny. Yes, of course you can listen to it, it's right here, though this is not my rip.
The Wiggle

Learning somewhere that he was born in New Orleans, I've been looking for more Jack Hammer everywhere. I've been able to track down digital copies of "Wiggling Fool" and "Twist Talk", both of which are top notch, and if I were to shell out $50 I could get "The Best of Jack Hammer" off of Amazon's online shops, which would include Girl, Girl, Girl, but not Chant of Love. Just tracking down information on Jack Hammer is pretty tough; thinks he's South African, though this page has much more information. Oh if only those songs were ripped.

As for these songs

"Girl, Girl, Girl" is still frantic, though which a bit more rockabilly than a twisting sound. I don't think it really holds up to insanity of songs like "The Wiggle" but for what it is, it's a great track.Girl, Girl, Girl

Chant of Love is a slow ballad, which rarely works for me and, to be honest, I don't find that exciting when Jack Hammer does it either. It is a little odd, backing up a slightly atonal and sappy melody with deep male voices singing "ZOOMMMMM". The DJ that originally owned this record, underlined the title, which I assume means he liked it, so there's your second opinion.

Chant of Love


Tanoa said...

I too have been recently introduced to Jack Hammer. I ended up ebaying the Twist Around the Clock EP as well, I dig it!

I have been hunting hi and low for the Girl, Girl, Girl 45rpm on Roulette. I see you found one, nice! I tried to download the tune, but your link is not working! Possible you could get it back up?!?

Thanks for the great blog, I just found it researching Jack Hammer.

Hunter said...

Still one of my favorite finds! It's back up!

Tanoa said...

Thanks much! But, the link is not working.

Tanoa said...

Thank you!