Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Death Race Disparity

Many folks don't turn on the TV much these days so I feel it's demonstrating.

There's a Death Race remake coming out this Friday. It's starring Jasan Statham, who I guess is about as B-Movie as it gets these days but why, why would you slaughter my sacred cow? Why would you hand it to Paul W.S. Anderson, who has already slaughtered Alien and Predator in one fell swoop? Who keeps giving this guy a budget?

Now behold the Roger Corman classic. Apparently this remake was originally backed by Corman but had to go through multiple rewrites until it became what it is now.

The question is who wanted this? Anybody that's seen death race and likes it enough for a remake would obviously be disappointed by this new version, why keep the name?

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Note in the remake, the earth does not appear to be standing still, rather EXPLODING. The original was about a space ambassador warning that we would be destroyed IF we continued to use nuclear weapons. No explosions! Just tensions! The slow sci-fi movie has been dead for ages now, but does it have to be a disaster movie? From checking out the wikipedia, the director absolutely loves The Day The Earth Stood Still and sought to modernize it with a more relevant message to today (because nuclear weapons are no longer a threat or something). So the new message is "mankind has been found to be a danger.... AGAINST ITSELF AND NATURE." How long did it take to come up with that because surely it's never been used in any other sci-fi movie, let alone any that Keanu has been in

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