Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The largest record collection in the world

The Archive from Sean Dunne on Vimeo.

and here's his website

Like anybody I'd love to crawl around in there for days, and I'd pee my pants if I got to own it, but he needs to chill out with his doomsday scenario. Though vinyl is getting popular again, I think he's right about worrying about a lost history. I've realized after countless flea market runs finding records with no mention on the internet that I'm a very very small minority in my interest for this stuff, especially for somebody of my generation. The raw collection of music out there tells a history of time and music that you can't get in the books. Knowing that, I do shop for 45s with a small interest in music preservation on top of my own musical interest. 

But sorry dude, I can see why your collection is going unbought. You'd be giving away a huge chunk of your money (and judging from him, it's an investment that likely won't repay itself) and most of your life for another man's pursuit. It's a bummer that this story doesn't have a happy ending, but when he says "NOBODY CARES" he needs to shut up. I say the same shit about some of my musical interests and I know when I say it that I'm being an ass. You've made a huge accomplishment here, be proud! Give it to the library of congress and be proud that you did so!

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