Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Saturday Night Dilemma

A few weeks have gone by with few shows that I absolutely HAD to go see, but this coming Saturday is loaded with options... and nobody wants that. ONE option is ideal.

The real problem here: All three Louisiana surf bands (that I know of), two shows, roughly the same time.

The Unnaturals, The Bills, Cemetery Surfers

Apparently this is a one year anniversary for both The Bills and Unnaturals with The Cemetery Surfers thrown in as well. Somehow I haven't heard The Unnaturals yet, but I caught The Bills at Banks St. Bar earlier this summer and they're very tight and managed to turn my friend on to surf.

I hadn't heard of the Cemetery Surfers until now, but their myspace lists half their dates on sci-fi and fantasy conventions, which is causing a lot of inner turmoil right here. Part of me goes FUCKING SWEET and part of me thinks, well, what normal people think. I guess it's like this: ask yourself "Death Race 2000 or Firefly?". The Rock & Roll Hoo-Ha What What is firmly in the Death Race camp. The camp camp.

Oh and if you check out their myspaces they have about three different posters for this show. That amount of effort probably dcould have been better used making one good one

VERSUS Spring Break Shark Attack and a bunch of other bands

The rest of the bands at this show are decidedly not Rock&Roll enough for this blog, but I saw SBSA with Sasquatch and the Sickabillies last year and was thrilled. Really great unique sound and they pull it off with tons of energy. I'd love to see how they pull it off with another year of practice, but I don't think they need it.

And since I weighed in on the other's shows fliers, I don't want to use the word outclassed but I guess this show "outdoes" them.


If you've already seen all four of these bands (RRHHWW loves you), there's Clockwork Elvis at Kingpin Bar (what where?). I haven't seen them either but it's the 31st ELVIS DAY OF ELVIS WEEK. Whether you see it or not, live with throughts of the King.

While we're talking about fliers

Will you just look at this?

If you click on the picture you'll see that Lost Acapulco's got a lot of hot promo material, but I love this thing. I love them! I love Mexican surf! To any of the bands mentioned here or not mentioned, this stuff makes me want to go forth and make a concert poster. I've done this stuff before and I think they were pretty badass (not this badass). I volunteer if you want me.

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