Sunday, August 10, 2008

Dick Dale - Wild Hot Rod Wails

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Dick Dale's best albums (Surfer's Choice for example) have been reissued and can be easily found not only at savvy record stores but Border's and other large chains. But I found this album in a flea market in Connecticut and I've had a hard time finding much info on it at all.

The Dickster here isn't supported by his Del-tones but by Bo Troy and his Hot Rods. Some good instrumentals here and vocal tracks but most importantly LOUD ROARING ENGINES are heard throughout (which is why the album sounds so quiet otherwise). According to the back of the album "It is a 'gas'". 

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Hunter said...

1.FCN said...

thanks for this Dick Dale rarity!

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juan marteau said...

Hello, can you re up this record.
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AmericanSamourai said...

Can't seem to find this anywhere else... so I second the re-up request. Thanks in advance.