Saturday, April 25, 2009

Dave Bartholomew - I'm Walkin' \ Going to the River

So despite spending all day out at Jazz Fest blogging for them, I still feel the need to do a little something on my own blog? Why would I do this when I could be seeing Budos Band, Sharon Jones, Andre Williams, Brownout, or Grupo Fantasma right now? For one, I'm sick of trying to make the decision about which of those to go to. For two, I've got some really hot stuff burning a hole in this blog's pocket. Or something. And oddly enough, they're all localish.

If you notice the song titles and then the writing credits, these are Fats Domino songs we're talking about, but done up in a much different way. For those of you who aren't familiar with him, Dave Bartholomew is sung as the unsung hero of New Orleans R&B. The guy produced or played on half of all those big numbers you know, and yet (and I only use this as an example) my college history of rock & roll teacher said he never released his own material. Of course I was a little shit and corrected him, and I've actually linked him to my blog once so Prof. Charry, here's your proof, though "The Monkey" would be better, more popular proof. I think Dave's gotten a little more come-uppance in years past, but his stake in this city's history will likely never be properly recognized.

These are instrumentals and way further into jazz territory than the R&B originals. But when you listen to I'm Walkin' here, did you ever think Fats Domino could sound so baaaad?
I'm Walkin'

Going to the River is a little more slow and groovy with some funky keyboards thrown in. It's deservedly the B-Side but a good track nonetheless
Going to the River

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