Friday, April 17, 2009

Tomorrow is (among other things) International Record Store Day

The whole thing seems sort of goofy, but I guess tha truth is I love record stores and never mind an excuse to visit. So I checked out their site to see who has participating and called 'em up. I get the impression that everybody just signed on to be a part of it (sounds like it didn't hurt or anything) but to give a quick rundown

Odyssey Records: I haven't been to Odyssey since I first went to check it out (impressions are on a link to the right). The guy said something about some Sony record execs dropping in, giving away some free promos.

The Mushroom: Special items in stock, specifically mentioning a Pavement live album and Sonic Youth splits. Apparently is just happens to coincide with their annual sale where you get $4.20 off anything above $15 or something like that. I asked myself "why this annual sale on April Twenny-OHHHHHhhhhhh I get it"

Skully's: Nothing special aside from sale of limited releases. He regretably told me that they wouldn't have Slayer in stock.

Jim Russel: Honestly, this was kind of a surprise. I have a real soft spot for Jim Russel Records but staying abreast on the up-and-coming isn't really their strong point. They didn't sound especially sure of what's going on but told me that there would be some special releases in store. She doesn't know what they are yet.

I'm pretty sure these are the releases they're talking about though I don't know if they each get all of them or select releases. Only one way to find out, y'all. I'm especially wondering if anybody's going to be carrying that Dengue Fever \ Chicha Libre split because I'll (hopefully) be seeing both of them in a week together.

Seriously, as goofy as this "holiday" is, I like the idea of trying to hype up local music retail.

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