Monday, April 20, 2009

Mediocre Surf Double Post: The New Hawks and Pat Salvador

Although it's certainly nice to post really good music on this blog (and I've got some comin' down the tubes), the main thing I like about this blog is having these things up here for others to fill in the missing information on (huge thanks to the guy who dropped some Johnny Zorro knowledge recently, that's one of my favorite things on here (and my first post)). I believe that all music deserves to have that information preserved and to have some sort of internet acknowledgement of its existence. Especially if it's surf. So neither of these are particularly wonderful, but... I don't know. They're definitely kind of interesting in their own ways.

The New Hawks actually have some information about themselves here and there, but frankly I wasn't that interested. What made me appreciate this 45 was not the obvious surf covers on the B-Side but the hilariously cheesy voiceovers on

The James Bond Theme

I mean, these really aren't poorly executed, but don't have the oomph for me to want to put them on all that often. In fact, I think their cover of Walk Don't Run (with Pipeline in there too) is less boring than most renditions I've heard. But then again, I hate that song.

Walk Don't Run\Pipeline

Now Pat Salvador and the Dufrene Brothers is a little different. Really, it's a stretch to call it surf since we're talking covers of the pre-surf instro band Johnny and the Hurricanes and Santo and Johnny's classic not-really-surf song Sleepwalk. Now I have no idea when this was, but judging by the Houma Records and the name Dufrene, I'd wager these guys are coming from the Louisiana area, which explains the delivery pretty well. It's more jazzy than rockin'... and pretty cheesy
Red River Rock



Brandonio! said...

You hate Pipeline? What the #@*^?

Hunter said...

whoa whoa, now, it's Walk Don't Run that I don't like

Bryan said...

I think the Pat Salvador was cut about 1974 and he is from the West Bank area of New Orleans. I think he is still around because not too long ago I saw a myspace page for a swamp pop band from there and they listed Pat Salvador as the sax player. My dad used to live in that area, and he knew Pat, and he also made a country and western record at the same little studio around the same time. Dad's record was made in 1974, so I am guessing Pat's is from a similar time frame.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan! Yes Sleepwalk was cut in 1974 at Joint Venture Studio. my country CD was recorded
and is called 'PAT SALVADOR IN NASHVILLE' Can be purchased at CD BABY.COM
I never lived on the west bank, I lived in New Orleans. Moved to Nashville and Joined
Bill Haley's comets,worked with them for seven years. Presently living in Slidell
Working with Al'Lil'Fats Jackson. WE just finished a cruse with Smokey Robinson.
I would like to know who your dad is. please Email Me At SAXYPAT@MSN.COM Thanks, Pat