Monday, April 6, 2009

Little Richard - Tutti Fruitti \ Baby Face (on Trip Records)

This isn't the first time Trip Records has made an appearance on here and hopefully we'll see more of it. I have a few other 45s from them and haven't been familiar enough with the songs to be able to tell whether they were simple reissues or whether they were something Trip had cooked up. In this case either my turntable is slow or these are different recordings than the ones that you normally here. It's a little more booming and Little Richard's voice slightly reminds me of another album I love. I'm really curious about trip and how often they liked to cash in on the big names. I want to know what sort of people ran this outfit.

Maybe after you listen to this version of Tutti Frutti you'll think "I don't know, this is pretty much the same". Fine, maybe I'm imagining things, but who can really complain about listening to Tutti Frutti again? There's plenty of sci-fi that loves to tell us "it's love and imperfection that make us human and that's good" but is anybody aware of a movie that praises rock & roll as what makes us such a beautiful thing? Because Tutti Frutti is exactly the sort of thing that makes me so proud that I'm not a FRACKIN' CYCLON. Getting back to the song at hand though, the end gets a little messed up but the surface wear doesn't seem to suggest that anything like that would happen. Maybe it's the recording?

Tutti Fruitti

Baby Face here is also pretty similar to normal recordings (I don't think I have a Specialty or other label 45 for either song) but it sounds like it might be in a slightly different key (I'm not a musician) and the occaisional scream isn't really the same. Perhaps the mix for different instruments are a little different? Both are fine and practically interchangeable with the originals to me.

Baby Face

By the way, things are a little different on the technical end of things on this blog. If this isn't working please let me know. If it's working well I'd like to know too.

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