Friday, April 10, 2009

We're not done with the Lifeguards just yet

Oh no, there's no more unraveling of the mystery of the Lifeguards album I posted before , but it is fun to find that not only is "C'mon and Swim" not entirely their own but their name isn't either.

As far as I can tell, these Lifeguards have no relation to the Wynecote records boys. In fact, they're probably more high profile; The A side is written by Frank Pingatore who penned songs for Bill Haley, and the B side is by a drummer of the same band, Ralph Jones. They don't particularly sound alike either.

Everybody Outta The Pool is a fun, mostly instrumental, novelty song. Fun enough that apparently it showed up on one of those great comps of music given a seal of approval by Lux Interior. Which is a much cleaner version than mine so here's an MP3 I found from that.

The Lifeguards - Everybody Outta The Pool

Teenage Tango isn't exactly a riot but is a pretty simple and nice little thing. I'd be surprised if you liked it enough to download and cherish it but know knows
The Lifeguards - Teenage Tango

And one more thing: the little thingy I had on the Lifeguards before ended with a Come on and Swim cover by the Flakes. I love that version and just discovered that another version was on my hard drive all along by the Japanese surf\garage combo Mach Kung Fu. Siiiiiick

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