Thursday, April 9, 2009

Storm Surge of Reverb Playlist and...

Played a show last night:

Messer Chups - Agent Tremolo
Hypnomen - Intruder
Rubens & The Barichellos - Tamburello
Five Outsiders - El Hobo
Gasolines - El Moroco

Atlantics - War of the Worlds
DC5 - Chaquita
Swiv-o-matics - Charm City Surfer
Ghastly Ones - Diabolo's Theme
Lively Ones\Surf Mariachis - Baja
Atomic Mosquitos - Dark Side of the Chimps

Jim Messina & His Jesters - Yang Bu
Barbwires - Go Go Gasoline
Satelliters - Oasis
Switch Trout - Shake Some Rod Action
Richie Allen - The Lonely Surfer
The A-Bones - Lugnut
Menster Phip and his Phipsters - Wiped Out
Monomen - Rat Fink
Rat Holic - Yu-Hi
Bitch Boys - Shockwave

Satan's Pilgrims - Dilation
Satan's Pilgrims - Ginza Lights
Crossifres - Out of Control
Pozor Vlak - Pistol pete
Treblemakers - Organ Failure
Surf Teens - Moment of Truth
The Weisstronauts - Fisticuffs

The Ramblin' Ambassadors - Lonesome Rambler
The Ventures - Slaughter on 10th Avenue
Fifty Foot Combo - Sugar No Cream

Dick Dale - Gypsy Fire

and admittedly I'm a little interested in testing the might of my little home-cooked webserver (note to self: close internet stuff before you go to work), so I guess you can listen to this one. Spot the huge whoopsie I made


Brandonio! said...

Wow you sound young!That makes sense I guess,you are a college student after all. The show itself sounds pretty good,but the sound quality is a bit annoying.

Hunter said...

You know, I actually didn't listen to it besides editing it down to an MP3 and didn't check out the sound quality. That was a rip from my radio, so the reception wasn't 100%. Learn from your mistakes

As for me being young, you should have heard me when I started this.