Thursday, January 8, 2009

Another Storm Surge of Reverb is on tomorrow


Friday @ 2-4 CST or 91.5 if you're in NOLA

I admit, I've been holding back a little on these 45s because I've got some seriously fun instrumentals that I want to break out on the show before I throw them on here.

EDIT: PLAYLIST! Those ones with stars are among the upcoming 45s

Reverend Organdrum - Moovin' N' Groovin'

The Sea Lions - Hevenu Shalom Alechem
The volcanics - Fury Stomp
El Ray - Danger of TV Radiation
The Masonics - Galloping Goblin
The Royaltones - Wail! *
Wild Sammy And the Royaltones - Road Runner
The Novas - Number 7
The Bills - The Maggot
Los Coronas - Manic Hotdoggers
the impacts - wipe out
laika & the cosmonauts - SPYDA's web

Ventures - War of the Satellites
Madeira - SOS
Bob & Jerry - Ghost Satellite *
Robert Johnson & The Punchdrunks Spy vs. Spy
John Anthony & The Saturn Expedition - Theme for Apollo 11 *
Johnny & The Shamen - Mr. Hide
MOAM - War of the Satellites
Atlantics - SOS

Dick Dale - Xodus
The Goofers - Scotch on the Rocks *
The El Caminos - Pachuko Soul
The Sentinals - Big Surf
Lonnie Mack - Memphis

The Surfers - Widget
Wiggles and Waggles - Hey Mr. Hoolihan *
The (Fabulous) Wailers - The Wailer
Porky Harris & His Fantabulous Five - Pig Pen *
Goggle-A - Ride on Yamaha
Mach Kung Fu - Singapore 66
Huevos Rancheros - Trouble's A Brewin'
Famous Monsters - Monsters over Tokyo
Jay Holiday & The Giants - The Stalk *
Fifty Foot Combo - I think I shot Her

Spring Break Shark Attack
Thee Cormans - The Number Six
The Crossfires - Fiberglass Jungle
Satan's Pilgrims - Surf Lyre
Agent Orange - Pipeline (request)
Phantom Surfers - Big Screen Spectacular Tonight
Barbwires - Blood on the Waves
Krontjong Devils - apres ski

Five Outsiders - Straight Jacket
Treble Spankers - The Good, The Bad & The Ugly
The Fathoms - The Palomino

(and while holding it down for the next DJ, The Tornados - Globetrotter and The Marketts - Out of Limits)

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