Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Porky Harris & His Fantabulous Five - Porkypine \ Pigpen

I don't know what's up today, I don't have any stupid comments to write about this mystery band with a stupid name. I guess it's all kinda laid out for you. Dude somehow earned the nickname Porky and went wild with it, made a single. Did he ever make another one? Not that the internet has been finding for me. The closest thing I've found is a discography of Crystalette 45s which would indicate "no, he didn't", though finally for one of these 45s I've got a date: 1958

So soak up the Porky Harris you've got here, you won't get any more. Porky Pine is plain ol' instrumental R&B with plenty of wailin' saxamaphone

Pig Pen is a similar deal, though employing the wondeful instrumental tactic of stopping the music to announce the name of the song, sorta like Church Key. A note though, there was one tiny little bump of scum on the 45 that I couldn't get out. I've tried to doctor the skip it produced but it doesn't sound TOTALLY natural. But unless somebody else has this 45 (and ebay searches don't make it seem too promising) this is all you're going to get.
Pig Pen


guitarsofpikesville said...

Porky Harris is Sydney Warner who played in Michael Bloomfield's band and many other blues bands through the years. He is still around.

Anonymous said...

Pig Pen: Art Reed/Russ Young-tenor sax; Porkey Harris-guitar; Jimmy Wright-drums recorded Winter 1956

Porkey Pine: Boogie Daniels-tenor sax; Porkey Harris-guitar; Clarence Lively-piano, Charles Norman-bass; Jimmy Wright-drums recorded 25th March 1953

Anonymous said...

Porky Harris was my father he passed in June 2011. Do you know any other records he played on possibly recordings from Dolphins of Hollywood

Marciahouston @gmail.com said...

So sorry to hear this...just started to look...friends 60 yrs. Ago. Stayed at a Riverside farm one entire summer.

Jim la said...

Tom Fox and myself were lucky enough to befriend your father back in the 90's. He did some guitar licks on "Inner City" back in Tucson, Arizona. What a great guy. He was alot of fun. His legend lives on. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GQEp9pMrrmQ Jim