Friday, January 9, 2009

The Raiders - Walking Through The Jungle \ My Steady Girl PLUS Del-fi Jungle Jive!

I don't know about the rest of y'all, but even ignoring the possible Paul Revere connection, a band named "The Raiders" is hard to pass up. That's a name that wants ADVENTURE! They're RUDE! Well, I don't really know much about these Raiders. I don't know if they're the same Raiders as Paul Revere and the Raiders, but I know I have one great and strange single on my hands.

The B-Side is another stupid ballad with dee-doo-bee-doos
My Steady Girl

But the A side is a hoot. One of those rare moments where raucous garage rock met exotica (keep in mind though, I have no clue when this single was from). Screaming, jungle noises, complete disregard of any notions of "good music".
The Raiders - Walking Through The Jungle

Listening to it I thought of this excellent compillation on excellent label Del-Fi. Full of strange (sometimes vaguely) jungle related songs. Noticing it's out of print, I figured I'd throw it up here. As far as I can tell Kari Wuhrer has no real involvement in this album other than as a model (who knows, maybe she compiled it!) but I've always suspected that she's a pretty groovy girl. What's lame is that I formed that opinion from her role as Tanya in the Command and Conquer video games. Ignoring Kari, as hard as that is, this is one of my favorite comps, and I'm usually pretty honest about what I put on here.

(I copied and pasted this tracklist from I got things to do, OK?)
1. Seduction - Voices Of Africa ~ Various Artists
2. Swahili - Bob Keene Orchestra ~ Various Artists
3. Native Love - The Enchanters ~ Various Artists
4. Jungle Fever - The Shadows ~ Various Artists
5. Beachcomber Song - The Rockyfellers ~ Various Artists
6. Moonglow Cha Cha Cha - The Executives ~ Various Artists
7. Rum And Coca Cola - Pepino ~ Various Artists
8. Bongo Twist - Preston Epps (previously unreleased) ~ Various Artists
9. Karate Again - The Bedwells ~ Various Artists
10. Night Rain - Voices Of Africa ~ Various Artists
11. Warsaw Concerto - The Philharmonics ~ Various Artists
12. Woman Needs Man - The Rockyfellers ~ Various Artists
13. Mandarin Mambo - Pepino ~ Various Artists
14. On The Alamo - The Executives ~ Various Artists
15. La Cubalibra - Rene Hall's Orchestra ~ Various Artists
16. Terror - The Grippers (previously unreleased) ~ Various Artists
17. On The Ginza - Yo Yo Hashi ~ Various Artists
18. Uprising - Voices Of Africa ~ Various Artists

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Edwin Omar Leos Resendiz said...

An Exelelent Comp! Thanx For Sharing!

Edwin Omar Leos Resendiz said...

Thanx For Sharing, This Is An Exelent Compilation! But There's One Big Problem The Link Is Dead ):, Could You Re-Uploaded! I Will Apreciate That!