Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Coeds - La La \ Juke Box!

My new treasure trove of 45s has yielded a lot of strange finds, but I was in the mood for something especially good today. Though I think the coeds are so named because they feature both a boy and a girl singing, often to each other, there's something else going on. This isn't really straightforward rock & roll, I'd only categorize it that way by default, the same way I would bands like The Monks or The Honeycombs. Now I don't know if these songs will drive you wild in the same way, but "La La" has an otherworldliness to it that reminds me more of The Pixies than any band of this era. Despite the playful nature of this single, "juke box!" features much more serious drumming than just about any other Rock & Roll song I've heard and it's put to great use. For once, I can't pick a favorite, as there doesn't appear to be a ballad on either side!

As always, comments on the band are welcome, as I can't seem to find much. 

The Coeds - La La

The Coeds - Juke Box!

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ira1942 said...

any chance you could share a file of LA La by the coeds? it would be much appreciated.