Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Billy Mure - Fireworks!

One of Billy Mure's other albums was posted over at Rock Is Dead and for what this blog normally covers, it would make a much better choice. However, Billy Mure has always skirted the edge of exotica and so have I! I first got into record collecting buying (mostly terrible) Hawaiian albums with pretty girls and beaches on the cover. Well, Billy stepped into the deep-end with this one, but at least chose from the best. This is pure Space-Aged-Esquivel Worship, just short of adding z's to the dooooooo-doo-wahs. Still, Billy's guitar is prominent and excellent, with the first tracks on either side falling more into the realm of Super-Sonic guitar.

In fact, wait a second, doesn't Super-Sonic Guitar suggest that we wouldn't be able to hear it?

Anyway if you like Esquivel, Billy emulates him better than anybody I can think of. It's a good album! The rip is pretty nice too, save for one little skip in the very first song. It kills me, and I was looking so hard at the record, cleaning it and recleaning it trying to get that skip out of there. You might not notice it though.

Here's the tracklist, note the writing credits

Side A

  1. Firecrackers (Billy Mure)
  2. I Wonder, I Wonder (Daryl Hutchins)
  3. Peanut Vendor (Simons - Gilbert - Sunshine)
  4. Peg O' My Heart (Alfred Bryan - Fred Fisher)
  5. By The Beautiful Sea (Harry Carroll)
  6. Jealous (Jack Little - Tommy Malie)

Side B

  1. Dancing Guitars (Billy Mure)
  2. Crackerjack (Billy Mure)
  3. For Me And My Gal (Meyer - Leslie - Goetz)
  4. Guitar Theme (Billy Mure)
  5. They Can't Take That Away From Me (Ira and George Gershwin)
  6. April in Portugal (Ferrao - Kennedy - LaRue)


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Brandonio! said...

My copy of this record totally blows.Way to damn scratchy for me to post.I think I'll link your post at my place so people can get a heavy dose Mr.Mure's work.