Saturday, January 24, 2009

Earl Washington - Miserlou \ Wolf Call

Back in my WESU radio days, I took a lot of pride in the various ways I jazzed up Storm Surge of Reverb, already an example of irregularity in the station's programming. One of my favorites was "Spring Break Misirlou" in which I prepared two entire shows of nothing but renditions of Misirlou, both before and after Dick Dale, both surf and non. And had some left over.

So I've heard a lot of renditions of this song. I ran soulseek dry and googled the living crap out of it. I'm sure you've heard plenty too, and though I welcome you to prove me wrong, I bet you've never heard a blues version.

Earl Washington's version of Misirlou probably bares more resemblance to Martin Denny's than Dick Dale's, but it also precedes the dickster's by about 4 years. It's weird for sure, jazzy piano over a blues progression and opera-like singing. It's kind of hard to give it a genre, which is the case for the best music.

Wolf Call is a much more straightforward upbeat blues instrumental. It reaffirms to you that he's a Checker artist, but it didn't inspire me to check out the rest of his work
Wolf Call


Anonymous said...

the link for "Miserlou" is dead

Hunter said...

turn that frown upside-down!