Friday, January 16, 2009

Kent and the Candidates - Go High

I will tell you straight off why this single is great: on Go High, these two men have recently fallen on hard times with their women and decide (real quote here) "Well let's get out of this place!" "I know, let's take a rocketship to outer space!" It's like people write this stuff with my blog in mind, I swear.

Go High

The Neck is probably the more danceable song out of the two and the one I've seen mention of more often. From what I understand, our friends are checking out a party, scoping out all the familiar friends and characters and Tall Timmy with NO REGARD for the safety of his peers, breaks out doing The Neck, after which the song mostly inquires about your own ability to perform this hazardous dance move.

The Neck


oliverjcomo said...

I saw this band many times at the Hilltop Club in Atchison, Kansas. They were by far the best band in the midwest at the time and Kent Sprague (drummer, vocalist) was an incredible singer. He and the band could cover almost any song of the day and were especially good at Four Tops songs. They often played stump the band for beers and I never saw them pay off. These guys could play and sing rings around the Flippers.

Jeremy Allison said...


I'm really really really interested in hearing this 45, but on my end the downloads aren't working.

Is there any way on re-uploading? Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

This was Brenton Woods backing band when he was
on Double SHot. Think "Gimme a little sign" and The Oogum Boogum song.

They quite possibly even did the backing track for "psychotic reaction" by the Count five, but that's history that is intentionally obscured.

I haven't downloaded the 45 but it's a good one folks!

Anonymous said...

I decided to try to download to listen at work, but i see the problem. This blogger has hosted his files on a EDU server. THat's a school server. They get swept all the time and it asks for a password now.

Here's a suggestion. Post a dummy video (static image of the disc) with audio on youtube and then embed it into your blog. that's the wave of the future and for obscure stuff, it won't get targeted by the malitia mind control -no-sharing policy makers.

Hunter said...

I can't remember why I was uploading to my school's webserver back when I did... maybe just because it was free? It doesn't seem like a good idea in any respect now, but since then I've been spot reuploading whenever I see a mention of a downed file. Although apparently that hasn't been the case for this one.

Either way, it should be up now

Hunter said...

And after spending all that time uploading, I forgot to thank you all for the info on the artists. That's the main reason I put 'em up in the first place

Anonymous said...

Not that anyone cares, but if you watch the dreadful movie, The Girl in Gold Boots (the MST3K version is more than worth the effort) you will see this band's name on a marquee for the nightclub where the film takes place. A fake house band credited as The Third World is part of the film, and they too are awful, and supposedly the bass player is Donald Duck Dunn of Stax Volt fame. But anyway, their name appears in the film, I guess as stock footage of LA nightlife in the late 60's.