Thursday, January 8, 2009

Bobby Lord - Sack \ The Fire of Love

This new collection of 45s is really helping me brush up on my rockabilly. Bobby Lord isn't exactly a nobody, according to Wikipedia he was on the Grand Ole Opry for years and has recorded plenty of singles, though not much in the way of an LP. That wikipedia page is all I've got.

Which is disappointing because "Sack" is a pretty strange song. Double entendre isn't anything rare in rock & roll, so one might assume that it's, ya know, that sack, especially when he talks about having fruit inside and giving the fruit to you (a girl). OK, so if that's the case, what's the deal with the specifics? He's got apples, oranges, cherries, berries in that sack, what is the significance here? Does he say he's going "Tooty" over you?
Bobby Lord - Sack

The Fire of Love is another stupid ballad, falling more in line with doo-wop than the Country & Western style he's known for. The over-excited female voice gives this just enough quirk for me to begrudgingly admit that I kinda like it.
Bobby Lord - The Fire of Love

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